Traditional Lease

  • We have full access to the market, strong relationships with all agents and landlords providing off-market opportunities

  • We can negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf because we are not tied to landlords and have a deep understanding of the current and local market conditions

  • We can run cash-flow analysis on your behalf

  • We can negotiate future options for expansion/contraction

  • We can negotiate future options for expansion/contraction

  • We conduct Informed due diligence on service charges and Building M&E

  • We check Lease renewal rights and holdover provisions

  • We advise on Guarantees and deposits

  • We can maximise your rights of assignment and sub-letting

  • We can mitigate your risk on dilapidations and reinstatement


We help companies with their commercial premises needs across London and the UK; from rent to purchase; large or small; shop or office; retail to warehouse and anything in-between. Our service is customised to you and designed to deliver the acquisition of your new premises or relocation with little or no disturbance; allowing you to focus on the important stuff of generating and delivering business. Our key objectives, that we keep top of mind, are to ensure your project meets your project brief, at the same time as helping you secure the best financial and legal terms that can be obtained. To find out more about our service and how what we do can underpin the success of your project.


If you are considering your space options as your lease comes up for renewal and think you want to stay where you are rather than move, then before you speak to the Landlord, speak to us. We can help you decide what you want by evaluating costs, tangible and intangible, as well as ensuring that the space decisions closely support the strategy and direction of your business. Our lease renewal negotiation service is based on data in your location and on proven negotiation strategies and knowledge of lease terms – what you can and what you can’t do – the current market position of similar space and maximising the value of the new agreed terms.


Sometimes you don’t need to relocate or be at the end of your lease to secure better terms. The reasons to restructure include gaining a greater security of tenure or improvements to the terms – a longer lease term can be of value to a landlord and, in certain circumstances, this can secure improvements to cash flow by reducing rent, obtaining rent free periods or renegotiating the square footage. How much can be gained is dependent on market conditions and the position of the landlord, but can be a valuable exercise; one that we have employed for many of our clients.


We can support you in reviewing and streamlining your property portfolio to reduce current liabilities when you have redundant space; be it long term or just for a certain length of time. You will benefit from advice gained from experience; structured to your situation with available costed options and their relative merits that will help you choose the best route for your business.


Our space analysis process and workplace strategy services help us to understand how you use your current space and to evaluate how it can be configured to make best use of the investment that space represents and how it can be better designed to support how you deliver your business. Well-designed space can improve employee engagement and productivity and optimise space efficiency – making your space work harder and deliver more.


Project managing a fit-out or refurbishment project involves many different specialist contractors and as such needs a specialist project manager who can understand what’s involved, speak the language of the contractors and successfully deliver the objectives. Our project managers bring experience that will keep the project on budget and on time and of the right quality by giving advice on cost and design as the project unfolds allowing issues to be quickly resolved. Get in touch to hear about our recently completed projects.


As you approach a break clause option or lease expiration date, dilapidations need to be considered. Leases contain obligations for the tenant to put the property back into a condition similar to that at the beginning of the lease. This is an area where TerraNOVA can add value to the bottom line. We can provide initial estimates of potential dilapidations as well as appraising the landlords schedule of dilapidations – the two estimates rarely match as the landlord seeks to maximise this aspect of the lease. Once agreed a decision needs to be made as to whether to reinstate yourself or negotiate a cash settlement with the landlord. Get in touch for an overview of your dilapidation’s obligations.